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Why Megan Fox Credits “Handsome, Demonic Creature” Machine Gun Kelly for Bringing “Warmth” Into Her Life – E! Online


Machine Gun Kelly isn’t the only one Megan Fox is crediting with transforming her life over the past year.
On April 10, the 35-year-old actress, alongside her fiancé, attended the 2022 Daily Front Row Fashion Awards in Los Angeles. There, she presented the Stylist Curator Award to Maeve Reilly, who as Megan explained, has helped her “to push beyond what I thought I could do and what was possible” as her personal stylist. As the Jennifer’s Body star noted, Megan was introduced to Maeve courtesy of her soon-to-be hubby, MGK.
“Maeve came to me at a point in my life where I had spent a long time in a winter where I had been in a tight rut,” she told the crowd at the event, sponsored by Fiji Water. “And I had been in a place where either it was time to blossom, or it was time to die. And a lot of that warmth and me opening up had a lot to do with that very tall, handsome, demonic creature right there [MGK] who brought Maeve into my life, and Maeve has brought me out of my shell.”


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