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Why David Spade Couldn’t Make the Hilarious SNL Sketch Gap Girls Into a Movie – E! Online


The Gap Girls almost went Hollywood!

David Spade starred in the recurring Gap Girls sketches on Saturday Night Live with Adam Sandler and Chris Farley from 1993 through 1995. In the sketch, the comedy trio played three female Gap employees who didn’t take their jobs seriously, and would often ignore customers to talk about boys and dating. 

Spade says SNL creator Lorne Michaels wanted to spin off Cindy, Christy and Lucy into a feature film.

“It didn’t happen, but it was when I thought movies were very easy to come by because I was delusional,” Spade said on his Fly on the Wall podcast. “One summer we did Tommy BoyLorne had a deal with Paramount, it was sort of easy. The next summer [Lorne] said, ‘Why don’t you guys do Black Sheep? and the next summer, ‘Maybe you guys can do Gap Girls movie.'”

Spade and Farley starred in both 1995’s Tommy Boy and 1996’s Black Sheep, which helped to elevate the profiles of both comedians. 

As for why the Gap Girls movie never happened? Well, Spade didn’t think he could write it. 

“Things [the movie] had against it were me writing it—which was probably the first thing,” Spade said. “I was running out of sketch ideas that were four minutes long.”


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