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Stanley Tucci Has Our Mouths Watering in the Searching for Italy Season 2 Trailer – E! Online


We suggest getting a napkin before viewing this post, because drool is inevitable. 

The trailer for the second season of Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy is here and it has us looking up flights to Milan.

The new episodes of the culinary exploration show, premiering on CNN May 1, showcases the Oscar-nominated actor as he “indulges his passion for Italian cooking as he explores the stories and people behind the world’s most popular cuisine,” according to the network. 

Suddenly our frozen pizzas are looking very sad. 

The second season of Searching for Italy features Tucci’s “journey to the bustling food markets, delectable home cooking and hidden trattorias of the Italian peninsula,” said CNN. “From the hearty, traditional dishes in Umbria to the unique cuisine of Venice, to the this is a deeply personal, witty and warm odyssey of gastronomic delights.”

It’s more than just an excuse to eat a bunch of really great Italian food, though.


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