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Prepare to Be Blown Away by Carrie Underwood’s Workout Routine – E! Online


“She is primarily plant-based but includes eggs, from her own chickens, and occasional dairy, though she does omit dairy products on show days,” Eve shared. “She strives to eat whole, natural foods. Carrie loves to garden, and her favorites are all the things she grows herself and prepares from scratch.”

And when they’re on the road, Eve and Carrie use the fit52 app, which they created and is based on a deck of cards. “Each suit represents an area of the body and the number that is dealt is the number of reps you perform,” Eve explained. “We have a huge exercise library, and the app deals the cards to you randomly each day, so you never see the same workout twice.”

Although most of us don’t have any residencies or national tours to prepare for, exercise can have positive impacts on anyone’s everyday life.


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