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How To Deal With Toxic People?

They are everywhere: at work, on the street, and at home. Annoyance, discomfort, and headaches are the main symptoms after interacting with them — toxic people.

Therefore, how to communicate with them?

1. Establish your boundaries.
The favorite activity of “toxics” — is to violate personal space and “squeeze” their emotions. It can not be tolerated, so clearly delineate the boundaries.

2. Be restrained.
They often lead the interlocutor into a vortex of negative emotions-if you fall for the provocation and respond with negative to negative, you lose your inner equilibrium.

3. Monitor the conversation.
Such people are known manipulators, so it’s worth learning to quickly seize control in the conversation.

4. Be straightforward.
Directness is the best weapon to defend against “toxics”: a clear and confident stance scares them.

5. Don’t expect the person to change.
He is unlikely to ever behave differently, so don’t expect him to change and repent.

Now you have learnt how to deal with toxic people, I hope you can interact better in the society while we hope they change.



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