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Happy Birthday, Taurus! Here’s Your Birthday Horoscope for 2022, Plus 12 Gifts That Celebrate You – E! Online


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April 20 marks the official start of Taurus season, so bulls, it’s time to celebrate you! As a special birthday treat, we talked to astrologist Kyle Thomas to see what you can expect between now and your next birthday. We won’t spoil anything just yet, but if your birthday wish involves positive change of any kind, let’s just say your wish may come true.

“Prepare for one of the most important years in your lifetime,” Kyle told E! News. “As the planets dance and the stars shift, you are set to experience tremendous transformation. Uranus, the planet of change and freedom, continues to dance in your zodiac sign, urging you to leave patterns behind that no longer serve you. It’s time to embrace your most authentic self in every aspect of your life and stand courageously as the beautiful new version of you. Mighty eclipses will also be highlighting your personal power—and your relationships—bringing destiny for you to face.”

Over the next 12 months, you may begin a “whole new era” in your professional life, which is the result of all the hard work you’ve put towards your career goals through the years. 

When it comes to love, “significant turning points” around relationships are likely to happen as well, Kyle said. Singles may suddenly meet someone with serious long-term potential and the relationship just takes off, while those in established relationships will be taking major next steps towards the future.

“Embrace the whirlwind of a magical year ahead!” Kyle said. 

Since it’s your birthday season, we’ve rounded up a few products Taurus signs are sure to love. Check those out below. 


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