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Get Psyched for Coachella With a Look Back at the Festival’s Most Memorable Surprise Guests – E! Online


Coachella may be known for its incredible annual lineup and preponderance of flower crowns, but it’s the surprise guests that really get us in formation.

Although Beyoncé shook the world with her headlining performance in 2018, a.k.a. Beychella, it wasn’t the first (or even second) time Queen Bey hit the festival stage. In 2010, she joined hubby Jay-Z onstage as a surprise guest during his set. Four years later, festival goers experienced déjà vu when Beyoncé popped into her sister Solange‘s set and wowed the crowd with a super-adorable coordinated dance routine.

When Bey was the main event in 2018, both stars, as well as Destiny’s Child, happily returned the favor. But the Lemonade singer’s appearances throughout the years aren’t the only ones that kept fans talking for years to come.

Who could forget when Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg had Tupac Shakur (who died in 1996) join them onstage in hologram form in 2012? 


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