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At least 25 dead in landslides, floods after tropical storm Megi hits Philippines


The storm — known in the Philippines as Agaton — made landfall on Sunday with sustained winds of up to 65 kilometers (40 miles) per hour and gusts of up to 80 kph (49 mph). Megi is the first storm this year to hit the archipelago, which sees around 20 such storms annually.

In the eastern province of Leyte, the bodies of 22 people were recovered after being buried under a landslide, Joemen Collado, police chief of Baybay city, told reporters.

The national disaster agency, which has also said three people had died in the southern Davao region, said the reported casualties are still subject to verification.

“There were landslides in communities and then some of the victims were swept by floods,” Collado said, adding that rescue operations are ongoing as at least six more people are missing.

Philippines' Typhoon Rai death toll rises further as areas remain cut off from help

Images shared by the local fire bureau on Monday showed rescuers wading through near partially submerged homes and digging for survivors in a landslide-hit area.

Tropical storm Megi is expected to weaken to 45 kph and move back out over sea on Tuesday, the state weather bureau said.


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